Hi! I am PJ, and I have been a crafter, seamstress, artist, and many other things starting about the time I was old enough to understand that I was able to make something from nothing. I have my family to thank for that. They always had faith in my abilities and are still amazed at some of the things I create. “YOU made THAT!!” – I hear that a lot and it just makes me want to make more stuff.

I started this blog as an outlet to share some of my creativity. I will do my very best to keep you interested in art, crafting, sewing, and any other creative endeavors I can think of. My skills range from beginner to advanced depending on the type of craft.

I started sewing on an old Singer treadle machine in the 1960’s making my own clothes for school and Barbie doll clothes. Oh sure, I made all kinds of other things too. I even figured out how to perforate paper with a sewing machine, and I can recall even sewing some paper together. Who knows what I was thinking or what I made of it; I was an 8 year old with a crafting habit.

My parents were my enablers when it came to my crafting. I would get an idea and they would make sure I had the supplies to complete it. Although, sometimes, I had to buy them with my own money that I made running errands and mowing yards for the older people in our neighborhood. And, sometimes, I had to do some fast talking to get them to not throw something in the trash that I could use to repurpose. It made me understand and appreciate finance at a very young age. Both parents always told me that I could do anything I could put my mind to. I think that is some of the best motivation any parent can give a child.

Since I am new to blogging, be patient with me and I will get to the posting of some of my ideas and craft tutorials. In the meantime, you can visit me on Pinterest at to find some of my favorite crafts, tutorials, patterns, and many, many other helpful things. You will notice however, that the link to Pinterest actually goes to The Mystic House. This is our online store and place for all things metaphysical, including healing crystals. Please be assured that our sites are secure, and we are always happy to see you browsing the site.  You can also get a FREE Tarot Card Reading at The Mystic House.

Look around.  Let me know if you have particular art, craft, DIY questions, and I’ll try to address them. Also, we are considering making some DIY videos so if there is any project that you would like to see done, please let us know!