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While I am getting this site filled with useful information, you might want to visit my Pinterest page.  It contains pins that I have collected from many different sources, including tutorials, step-by-step instructions, patterns, tips, techniques, and lots of ideas for just about any medium you want to create in.

Scrap the Herb Fair

Had I gotten the forms last week when I first asked about them, I could have been ready for the fair. But since I just got the information about booth size, etc, there is no way we can do this. It’s just too much, and with only an hour or so to set up that morning, no thanks. We just started doing this again and are not that organized yet. It’s quite alright though, there are lots more opportunities in front of me!

Herb Faire is in 2 weeks

So, I’ve decided to start doing craft shows again.  I know, I’m crazy, right?  I had so much fun a couple of weeks ago!  We filled in for a friend who is going thru a rough spell and offered her booth to us.  We had 2 days notice, and then the crowd was slow because it was a beautiful spring day and we were inside.  But, even so, we didn’t do that bad!  In fact, I thought we did an awesome job, for 2 days notice!  So, check back occasionally and I’ll try to post my crafts, and maybe we’ll crossover to some metaphysical crafts for our sister site The Mystic House.

Hello! How are you?

Hello there! I’m PJ, your host for PJs Needful Stuff.  Welcome! I started this blog to help you and others to learn about different types of DIY and craft projects and techniques. I hope to post helpful instructions, tutorials, patterns, and anything else that might be relevant.

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